Long years, memories that can not be diluted, lonely night, rope around the old dream. Wandering life experience, green years, and you meet in that wandering day. Inadvertently one eye, you that lightly one left, in an instant absorbed my whole soul. Century old street, humble loft, the place where I first met. How can I also attract your attention? When I received your first reply, it was a long time. Your beautiful and vigorous characters have become my calligraphy practice stickers. Since then, the military career has added great interest! Wait for your letter to become a deposit! That winter when I came back from my holiday, I went to your house for the first time. We walked on the corner and stood by the small auditorium. You are a white sweater, a black dress, a goose yellow scarf inadvertently put on the chest, that image is engraved in my memory forever. In the cold and humid breeze, we talked about the boundless words. You said: forget to bring your coat, the wind is a little cold. I opened the leather jacket and blocked you in the cold wind with that not big body. That moment has become the most beautiful memory of my life! The three spring, summer, autumn and winter of Hongyan's book transmission. How much joy, how many wonderful time, but also give me a lot of heavy pressure. I ask myself more than once, what can I take to love you? Those three years are also my most messy days. The body suddenly had a disease, and then in order to return to work, shuttle between the hometown, the army, the provincial capital. When I have you, I have declined to show my love to nurses and nurses. The most difficult thing in the world is that there are already a certain number in the past and this life? There is a kind of misunderstanding, a kind of gamble just to prove their own stupidity, there is a kind of regret that can't be bridged for life, all the words are pale, I can't sigh! Broken a memory, hurt a life! Let the waves beat the torn heart and rub it on the sharp reef. Blood donation can't make the Sea red, but it's a piece of sea water You are the most beautiful scenery of my life. Since then, I have been blinded. The most beautiful scenery along the way is not close to my heart. Since then, I have brought sunglasses to let my life be black and white. Cold Temple lonely lamp has become my yearning, can the morning bell and evening drum solve my love disaster in this life? You! Think you understand my heart, yes, I love you. But you don't think how stubborn I am. When I was 14 years old and died, I just learned to do all the work from a loafer. I even made my own clothes.